Reset and Renew Spring 2017

Spring Reset and Renew

Three weeks of nourishing self-care to live better in your body | taught by Marjorie Nass

Course description

Just Imagine....

        • If you could wake up feeling well rested and energized?
        • If you could nourish yourself with a regular practice of self care?
        • If you could sustain your energy and feel good by preparing simple, satisfying, delicious meals?
        • If you could unwind without dulling your senses (with food, tv or online)?
        • If you could move through your day without feeling like there’s never enough time?

Living better in your body is possible for everyone.

But not if you rely on the outdated information.

Most of us think we’re eating well and getting the right amount of movement and exercise,

but can still feel:

Depleted and not at our best.
Tired and run down.
Overwhelmed and anxious.
Overall heaviness and bloatedness.
Like our digestion is sluggish.
Like our skin isn’t as radiant as it once was.
Sleep is elusive.

The truth is that health strategies that may have worked for us in the past no longer get the same results. As we live in our bodies longer (my euphemism for aging) our habits must shift to adjust to the fact that our bodies have changed.

Are you stuck in an old paradigm of thinking?

Reset and Renew

~ a seasonal program ~

Designed to give your body a break from the most inflammatory foods while you learn self care habits to support your body’s optimal health.

These include ways to improve your sleep, and simple nourishing self care routines to help you manage stress.

Participants learn strategies to form new habits, and HOW to create routines that stick long after the program is complete.

Healthier habits start when you’re open to change.

a three week online program that teaches you how to

~sleep better,

~ eat well,

~ take care of yourself

so you can live better in your body and feel more like yourself.

The interactive program includes

~ 5 live webinars

~ Private Facebook Group for community support

~ Daily lessons with specific practices around sleep, self care and healthier eating

~ Daily emails with guidance and encouragement

~ 40 page recipe book

~ Live private coaching with Marjorie

Reset and Renew is the perfect rejuvenator if you want:

~ A practical and easy plan for healthier eating

~ Improved energy

~ Decreased anxiety and depression

~ Simplified self-care habits and routines

~ Release of excess weight

~ Improved digestion

~ Restful sleep

~ Reduced stiffness, pain and discomfort in the joints and/or back

~Relief from seasonal allergies

The program is not for those looking for a quick fix or are unwilling to make changes

Marjorie Nass
Marjorie Nass
Health, Wellness and Self care Expert

I've navigated pain my whole life. From physical pain, to depression, to injuries and beyond. Using yoga, meditation and Ayurveda, I was able to find healing through a gentle, easeful and holistic connection with myself and the world around me. I'm on a mission to use what I know to help others get well and stay that way.

So many of us are walking around every day with physical, mental and emotional pain. Some are keenly aware of the source, while the rest of us are left scratching our heads, wondering how we got this way and how to get past it. 

Dissolving pain and living better in your body requires a paradigm shift in the way you live your day-to-day life. These lifestyle changes come in many shapes and sizes. They don't have to be overwhelming. Some of the most profound healing has occurred with the simplest of shifts. 

I've been offering online group programs since 2012. Participants report incredible shifts in their health and well being including better sleep, more energy, better digestion and healthier eating habits leading to released weight, radiant skin and more balanced moods.

Course Curriculum

Reset and Renew Spring Recipe Book and Shopping List
Welcome to the Spring Reset and Renew Program video
Spring Grocery List
Spring Reset and Renew Recipe Packet
NEW RECIPES ONLY. Spring 2017 Reset and Renew
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Lesson 1 (Preparation Phase)
Introduction to Reset and Renew. Set yourself up for Success
Survey - How do you feel now?
Spring 2017 Reset and Renew Daily Journal
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Lesson 2 (Preparation Phase)
The Importance of Sleep
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Lesson 3 (Preparation Phase)
Healthier Eating - Part 1
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Lesson 4 (Preparation Phase)
The Four Tendencies
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Lesson 5 (Program Phase)
The Importance of Sleep - Part 2
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Lesson 6 (Program Phase)
Healthy Eating: Mindfulness
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Lesson 7 (Program Phase)
Daily Self Care Habits
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Lesson 8 (Program Phase)
Optimal Evening Routines
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Lesson 9 (Program Phase)
Healthy Eating - Part 3
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Lesson 10 (Program Phase)
Early Morning Elimination
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Lesson 11 (Program Phase)
Sleep Breathing
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Lesson 12 (Program Phase)
Healthy Eating: Mindfulness Part Two
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Lesson 13 (Program Phase)
Establish a Morning Mindfulness Practice
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Lesson 14 (Program Phase)
Eating in Restaurants and Attending Special Events
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Lesson 15 (Transition Phase)
Transition off of the Reset and Renew Eating Guidelines
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Lesson 16 (Transition Phase)
Next Steps: Successfully transitioning into a simple healthy life.
How Do You Feel Now: Reset and Renew End of Program Survey
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